Rebooting Report Card – August

I should wait until tomorrow to put together the report card for the month, but it’s so abysmal that capturing any data from today is pointless.

No more sad stick figures!

Eat better/get healthier involves cooking at home more and going to the gym regularly. I made it to the gym once. Once!!! There was a lot of eating out or grabbing takeout and too many dinners of saltine crackers and cheese. Sigh.

As far as writing goes, I kept up with weekly blog posts but that’s it. Good news is that I stumbled across notes for something that still seems worthwhile. I need to make it more active.

I did nothing with friends beyond liking Facebook posts and setting up future outings. I hung out with my sister and boyfriend. Must get out of the house and comfort zone more.

I made some small progress on house projects. There’s a light at the end of the basement tunnel. It’s possible that if I apply myself I can get most of it cleared out over the long weekend.

I’m at the stage where I’m regretting making this whole reboot thing public. I thought I could crow about successes instead of wanting to hide from the shame. I guess that’s the point. How many months can I post sad Post-its of stick-figure Tammy? Here’s to a better month in September.

Edited to add that in spite of my month-long fail, I did read 19 books. Oh, maybe that’s why nothing else got done.


2 thoughts on “Rebooting Report Card – August

  1. Weren’t you out of the state for over a quarter of you weekends? Wasnt 10% of the remaining weekend days spent doing birthday stuff?

    I think you should get a NA this month.

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