Last Report Card

It turns out that grading myself monthly has absolutely no effect on goal achievement.

It hasn’t made me exercise more or eat better or write more. In some cases, it’s had the opposite effect. “The report card is so bad for this month that it’s not even worth trying anything for the remaining weeks.” “I don’t even have the energy to write about a blog about how I’m not writing.”

So after this post, I’m giving up the report card approach. And I’m not even giving myself a letter grade for this post. Interesting fact about me that you’ve all just learned: sometimes it’s easier for me to say “fuck it” than to actually do any self-examination.

That said, over the past months I have exercised more. I credit that more to my fitbit that anything else. I like reaching step goals and seeing if I can win workweek challenges. I’ve been trying to eat better and was succeeding somewhat until the Christmas baking began.

Writing has been dismal and that’s the one thing I really want to carve time out for in 2017. If I’ve been managing to fit exercising into my schedule (sometimes), surely I can do the same for writing.


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