Race Prep

I’ve signed up to run the Hot Chocolate 5K this coming Saturday in Philadelphia. I’ll be honest: One of the reasons for this post is to make sure I show up at the race.

Here’s my con/pro list:

Reasons Not to Go

  • I’ll have to leave my house around 5:15 in the morning
  • Despite that departure time, finding parking could still be problematic
  • I haven’t kept up with any meaningful training or basic exercise in the last month
  • I don’t like crowds, and 15,000 people are expected to be there
  • I may be running by myself thanks to people with injuries
  • I don’t want to slow down a running companion
  • I don’t want to be slowed down by a running companion
  • I’m really just lazy at heart and let weather and other people’s injuries prevent me from doing any prep work

Reasons to Go

  • It’s good for me to do things like this
  • I paid for it
  • I got really cool swag (visor and a quality jacket)
  • The water stop will have chocolate
  • I will get more chocolate at the finish line
  • I don’t want to discourage possible running companions from going
  • Chocolate

My to-go reasons really boil down to chocolate and the cool jacket, even though the jacket will probably be too warm to wear while running. I guess worse reasons exist for getting up early and driving to Philly.

The truth is that I’m not a runner. I will go out on the Schuylkill River Trail and put in a 5k or more. I will get on the treadmill and do the same. But I don’t run the whole thing. Remember the reboot? One of my success metrics was being able to run 75% of a 5k. I’m not there. I can keep up a good 4 m.p.h. walking pace and I’ll toss some running in there. Heck, I can start off with a decent 2-minute run between 5 and 5.5 m.p.h. But I lack the something that keeps me running for longer times and I’ll take too many walking breaks.

The goal is still there. And I’ve seen my 5k times come down steadily.

So, I’ll be getting up before the sun on Saturday and doing this thing. And to give myself even more motivation than this public declaration of running, you can even follow along with my progress. Sign up for Live Runner Updates¬†and you can find out how I’m doing during the race. I’ve got bib number 1125.

Wish me luck! I’m getting chocolate!


2 thoughts on “Race Prep

  1. Best news is that you’ve got perfect racing conditions! Cool but not freezing and no forecasted rain. You’re going to have a blast.

    Can you Uber? Lots of people do that to/from races and it makes life sooooo easy. Typically they jack up the price a bit on the way home since there’s a high demand but when you don’t have to stress about getting there super early and then wait for an hour to get out of a packed parking lot/garage, it does seem worth it. I like to walk a few blocks away to meet the Uber driver.

    The hoodie is PERFECT for afterwards. Pack it in a backpack and use their bag check.

    Can’t wait to see your race recap!!! I’m super jealous. I was registered to do the race when it was in Seattle and picked up the bubonic plague on a flight earlier that week so was stuck in bed with a fever of 103 and missed the race!!! So don’t mind me if I live vicariously through you. If I didn’t have tickets to see Game Of Thrones Live this weekend in Portland I’d be tempted to hop on a flight and run it with you!!!

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