Finding Riley

So, this lovable creature came to live me with July 19.


Meet Riley. He’s a 3-4 month old boxer-lab-retriever mix. And he’s utterly adorable.

Riley taking a nap on the ride home.

We met Riley at the Providence Animal Center in Media, Pa. after about 2-3 weeks of seriously looking at rescue dogs. We’d spent time with dogs around 5 years old. I was worried a puppy might be too much for us.

But then we went to Providence. If you’re looking to adopt – puppies, young adults, adults – check them out. They had a lot of dogs to look at. If you don’t see someone you like on their website, stop by anyway, Riley and a bunch of other dogs weren’t there. The staff was awesome and took time to answer all of our many, many questions. All told, we were there for about 3 hours. Most of that time was meeting the dogs.

The Center lets you visit with possible adoptions by taking the dogs out in their large yard and playing with them in enclosed pens where you can drop the leash. We could spend as much time with each contender as we wanted, although we tried to keep it on the shorter side since it was a hot, humid day.

Riley was the first dog we took out and I instantly fell in love. He had some energy but was also happy to be a lap dog and returned our attentions and affections. We had a long conversation about the pros and cons of each puppy we met, and Riley came out on top.

Chewing on the rope NOT the pillow

What’s his history? Providence takes in a bunch of dogs from high-capacity, high-kill shelters. Riley came from a place in North Carolina. The sad truth is that some shelters deal with reaching capacity by euthanizing the “extra” dogs. Riley may have been brought to the shelter at a very early age or he may have been born there. Providence wasn’t sure. The North Carolina shelter gave him some vaccinations, and Providence gave him more and neutered him.

We were lucky enough to meet Riley only 6 days after he arrived in Pennsylvania. He likes other dogs but isn’t all that confident in how to interact with them. Right now, he’s submissive and lets other dogs play with him instead of being an active participant. Riley also wasn’t too sure about what toys were for, but he’s learning pretty quickly. And he’s good at switching to a chew toy instead of the pillows, power cords, and laptops he’s exploring with his mouth.

I haven’t had a dog in 7 1/2 years so I’m thrilled to add Riley to our family. After all, how can you not fall head over heels with this face?


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