Catching Up

Let’s face it: the blog got a revival thanks to Riley. But it won’t be all Riley, all the time. So let’s catch up on some previous posts.

runwildI ran another 5k. It was part of the Run Wild for the Zoo series and took place at the Philadelphia Zoo. I was still much slower than I would like to be, but I was 30 seconds faster than the Hot Chocolate Run. About 1,200 people were registered so it wasn’t as crowded except at the very disorganized start.

The registration fee included a t-shirt (that I actually wear) and admission to the zoo after the run. The race started about 90 minutes before the zoo opened. The marketing seemed to promise that’d we see animals since about half of the course was through the zoo.

With the exception of some peacocks and cheetahs, we saw a lot of empty enclosures. I would have liked more animals. I’m also pretty sure the cheetahs (who were near the end of the course) were laughing at the slow humans. If you do this race or another at the zoo, know that part of the course runs along the perimeter of the zoo and includes a long and somewhat steep hill.

I’m still enjoying my new toothbrush. Quip sent me a replacement brush and battery, which were pretty easy to swap in. Two minutes of brushing can still seem like a mighty long time.

On the meal box front, I ended up cancelling Blue Apron. The meal choices weren’t exciting me, and I was disappointed that I stopped receiving fresh pasta. For some reason, the company switched to dry pasta. It was still tasty, but I preferred the fresh. We also tried Hello Fresh. I really liked it, although the first delivery had some leaky pork. No other food was ruined, and the company gave me a credit for that meal.

Those are some quick updates. Stay tuned for more exciting happenings in my world.



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