The Unexpected Good and Bad

Time for another Riley post!

When you get a dog, I believe you can be surprised by the joy they bring to your world and the time they take up. But I’ve found some other surprising things since Riley came to live us.

And really, the post is just an excuse to put up more Riley photos, so read on.

Towels are the best snack

Let’s start with the negative. I’m surprised by the amount of litter on the quiet streets of my neighborhood. There’s a donut box we’ve been passing on our walks and lots of plastic cups and wrappers.

And don’t get me started on the number of cigarette butts tossed from car windows. I’ve had to fish too many out of Riley’s mouth. Smokers – stop smoking because it’s disgusting and keep the butts in your car to throw away later!

The next negative transitions into a positive. Too many people speed through my neighborhood with its 35 and 25 mph limits. Only a couple go super fast, but I’ve been concerned about more cars than I thought I’d be during our walks. In turn though, this has made me more conscious of my own speed on suburban roads.

Some dogs eat sticks; I eat trees!

The other main positive has been talking to my neighbors. I’ve always had more of a wave-and-nod relationship with most of them. Since Riley, I’ve had actual conversations with quite a few and introduced myself to neighbors I’ve never actually talked with before.

The neighbor behind us has let us borrow the outlet in his shed for our electric chainsaw and we’ve had many long conversations with him. In fact, the boyfriend talked with him for two hours (!) once while I continued to work in the yard. Hmmm, maybe this neighbor thing isn’t as strong a positive as I thought.

We’re getting the yard in shape with the idea of putting in a fence, but that’s had the result of finally taking care of junk trees, vines, and unwanted trees that I’ve ignored for 17 years.

So get a dog for all the obvious reasons and pick up some unexpected benefits.

Napping becomes a paw-filled adventure

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