More of the Unexpected

I can’t believe I left out possibly the biggest unexpected good and bad from last week’s post!

When Riley gives me this look, he is forgiven for my low book count

On the bad side, I’ve hardly read anything since we got Riley. This would have been unimaginable to me. Look to the right of the blog at the Goodreads widget. My currently reading books used to change so often that if you only visited this site when a new post went up, you’d miss 3 or 4 books I was reading.

I was averaging about 10 books a month until Riley. Do you know how many books I read in August? TWO!!!! I only read two books. Why? Because you try maintaining any sense of immersion when every three pages you have to get up and follow the dog, take something out of the dog’s mouth, take the dog out, get the dog to stop eating your clothes. It’s not possible. And I’ve been too tired on the train to read.

I know, I know. This will pass as he grows up. Right? Please tell me it will.

Plus conference calls are so much more fun sitting in the sun with my pup

On the good side, my Fitbit numbers have shot up since Riley. His regular walk around the block nets me about 2,200 steps. A long walk brings in close to 5,000. Plus the constant getting up and down and following him around the house helps.

I’m doing so good on steps that I’m about to raise my daily goal from 10,000 to 12,000. I’ve broken the 10,000 mark pretty regularly over the last several weeks. Sure, those steps are often broken up as Riley sniffs grass or trash, but they still count.

I’m sure I’ll keep discovering more about life with Riley that I didn’t expect. Life is certainly different with a puppy around, but we’re adjusting and adapting and falling in love with him every day.


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