This Is Why I Abandon Books

Perhaps a 2018 resolution should be no one-star books on the final read list. This is why I started abandoning books. Yet I kept reading the books below until I was done. Why? Reading bad books is not how I want to spend my time.

I only made eight mistakes. Reading mistakes, that is. I’m sure I made many, many more mistakes last year.

Because I have forgotten everything I knew about books by Dan Brown, I took Origins out of the library. It’s the latest Robert Langdon book – you know: the guy with the Mickey Mouse watch who solves complicated mysteries and inevitably betrayed by someone he trusted? He’s back. This time in what was the flimsiest Dan Brown plot. It promised great things in terms of its mystery, but it turned out to be not all that. Here’s hoping I remember never to read another one in this series.

The last book I read in 2017 was Heroine Complex. I think I finished it just to get another book on the completed list. But I knew from the second chapter that it was a bad book. I didn’t like how it was written, didn’t like the characters, and didn’t find a plot.

Final Girls popped up on a lot of can’t-miss-this-book lists. I don’t know why. The premise was interesting – the main characters are women who survived a mass or serial killer. The execution was not interesting, and I ended up being bored by the characters.

Look, I can be okay with characters I dislike if the author is writing them that way. I don’t want to dislike characters because they’re poorly written and make inconsistent decisions. And don’t throw me some deep dark secret about or deeply held belief of the character in the last pages without having the character acknowledge at least part of it earlier in the book. It’s not that these characters discover some new truth about themselves; it’s that the author choose to reveal something the characters have always known but never mentioned.

The other one-star books from 2017 were (in no particular order because I hated them all):

  • The Answers
  • The Idiot
  • The Burglary
  • Steampunk Fairy Tales
  • All the Birds in the Sky

Here’s to a 2018 reading list that contains two-star and above books!



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