28 Days for Reading and Challenges

My January posts have centered on reading, and this one will start the same. But I promise to throw in a few cute Riley pics to entertain you along the way. By the way, you can add another throw pillow and a wallet to the list of destroyed items.

In past years, I’ve looked at the shortest month as my chance to re-read favorite books. I tend to stay away from new-to-me books during the month, although this year I’m letting myself read Overdrive library books since they’re starting to pile up on me.

My February re-read is going to be Tolkien. I’ll start with The Hobbit and get through as much of The Lord of the Rings as possible. The trick is going to be switching between reading a physical book at home and reading a Kindle version during my commute. Any fellow readers have any tips on finding your place easily between print and electronic sources?

It also occurred to me that the 28-day span of February is perfect for other short-term goals. A friend told me about The Minimalist Challenge. It’s a way to declutter your home. On day 1, you get rid of 1 item. On day 2, you get rid of 2 items; day 3, 3 items. And so on.

It’s a little daunting especially when I start to look toward the end of the month when I’m getting rid of over 20 items for 7 days! But my house is pretty cluttered with my own things and my never having finished clearing the house of my parents’ things. I think I can do.

And it doesn’t all have to be thrown away. You can get rid of items by donating them, selling them, giving them away. I’m going to save up all my donations for the end of the month so I don’t make daily trips to Goodwill!

I don’t want to introduce too many challenges into February. I find I do better when I only have a few things to focus on. I thought about a vegetarian February, but my freezer is full of soups with beef and chicken broth so that’s out. I thought about an exercise challenge, but at my core I’m a lazy sloth, not even an active sloth which is saying a lot. And as the pictures in the post show, my dog also excels at lazing around.

The household is on a saving money mission at the moment so that’ll continue into February. Maybe I’ll set a goal of not eating out or putting off unnecessary purchases until March. That could be doable.

What about you? Do you take advantage of the short month to set goals?


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