New Orleans: Some Sights

Wrapping up my New Orleans trip in another long overdue post, I wanted to bring you some highlights in a couple of posts.

You’ll notice the absence of stories about great music because we erred on the lame side and always found ourselves too tired from the day to hit Frenchman Street. Hey, that gives us a great excuse to go back and do nothing but focus on music, right?

Our unofficial mascot for the trip was Mister Apple. Somehow we passed this shop every time we went somewhere. We never went inside Mister Apple, but his smiling visage seemed to bless our travels every time we passed under him. I love you, Mister Apple.

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New Orleans: The Eats

When you come back from New Orleans, the first question you tend to get isn’t about what you did but where you ate. I truly believe it’s impossible to get a bad meal in New Orleans. Okay, it may be possible, but you have to work at it. On our recent trip, even the hot dog I grabbed on a paddleboat tour was decent.

me-beignetWith so many options for good food, really good food, and stellar food, I researched the heck out of restaurants in the weeks leading up to our trip. I crowd sourced recommendations; I pored over restaurant menus; I became intimate with Yelp, OpenTable, and TripAdvisor ratings.

I had to come up with dinners for 4 nights. My first pass – before I started looking at menus – had 96 restaurants. Criteria for restaurants was relatively simple: it had to offer something decent besides seafood/fish since my travelling companion doesn’t eat seafood or fish (sigh); it couldn’t be crazy expensive; it needed to be within 2 miles of our hotel on Royal. By the third pass, the list was down to 22 restaurants.

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No Daily Poems This Year


After three years of bringing you a poem every day in April to celebrate National Poetry Month, I’m bowing out of the tradition this year. The blog’s been stagnant lately and I’ve run out of my favorite poems to share.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t more poems I like, but sharing 90 poems is a lot! Thinking about doing it again this year felt like more of a chore than a joy.

So, go back and read the archives or hit up your local library and grab a couple poetry books off the shelf at random. Try an anthology and a collection by an poet you’ve never read.

As for the stagnation, I’m hoping to correct that. Stay tuned for posts about the trip to New Orleans and crock pot chili!

Chicken Cordon Raw

Sometimes I feel I have pretty awesome cooking skills. And sometimes … not so much.

Not my chickenFor some reason, my copy of The Joy of Cooking has been sitting open on my counter for several weeks to the poultry section. Eventually, the page for chicken cordon bleu caught my eye and I thought, “how hard can this be?” Continue reading